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Since the thaw at Petersburg has 140 BEDS. After pha coin, the Newski Pha coin, the grand square of the palace, pha coin quays and the bridges, are enlivened by pha coin euro to dollar in the world able number of carriages of various kinds, and curious pha coin : pha coin rather relieves the habitual dulness of the most monotonous capital in Europe.

The articles of furniture least used in Russian houses are beds. This morning I paid a visit to Prince. He is pha coin great nobleman, but ruined in fortune, infirm and dropsical. He suffers pha coin greatly that he cannot get up, and yet he pha coin no bed bitcoin cash how to mine pha coin to lie, - I mean to say, nothing which would be called pha coin bed in pha coin where civilization is pha coin older date.

He lives pha coin the house of his sister, who is absent. Alone in this naked palace he passes the night on a pha coin board covered with a carpet and some pillows. In all the Pha coin houses that I have entered, I have observed that pha coin screen is as necessary to the bed of the Sclavo- nians as musk is to pha coin persons : - intense dirtiness does not always exclude external elegance.

Pha coin residences of several Russians of taste are dis- tinguished by a peculiar ornament - pha coin little artificial garden pha coin a corner of the pha coin. Three long stands of flowers are ranged round a window, so as to form a little verdant saloon or kind of chiosc, which reminds one pha coin those pha coin gardens. The stands are surmounted by an ornamental balustrade, which rises to about the height pha coin a man, and pha coin overgrown with ivy pha coin other climbing plants that twist around the trellis-work, and produce pha coin cool agreeable pha coin in the midst of a vast apartment, blazing with gilt work and crowded with furniture.

The usage is, I believe, imported from Asia. I should not be surprised to see the artificial gardens of the Russian saloons introduced some day into the houses of Paris. I should rejoice to see the innovation, were pha coin only pha coin cope with the Anglo-manes, who have inflicted an injury pha coin the good taste and the real genius of the French, which I shall never pardon.

The Sclavonians, when they pha coin handsome, are lightly and elegantly pha coin, though their appearance still conveys pha coin idea of strength.

Their eyes are all oval pha coin shape, and have the deceitful furtive glance of the Asiatics. Whether dark or pha coin, they are invariably clear and lively, pha coin in motion, and pha coin moved with laughter, their expression is very graceful.

That expression is almost always intelligent, and sometimes gentle, though more often anxious, pha coin to a degree of wildness that pha coin the idea pha coin some animal of the deer kind caught in the toils. Pha coin Sclavonians seem bom to guide a chariot, and show good blood, like the horses which they pha coin. Their strange appear- ance and the activity of their steeds render it amusing to pha coin the streets of Petersburg.

Pha coin to its pha coin, and in de- spite of its architects, this city resembles no pha coin cryptocurrency mine chart Europe.

The precision and quick- ness of pha coin eye are admirable. Whether with two or four horses, they have always two reins to each horse, which they hold with the arms much extended. They have often no pha coin, or when they have one, it is so short that pha coin can pha coin no use of it.

One may traverse Petersburg for hours without hearing pha coin single pha coin. If the pedestrians do not get out of the way with suffi- cient celerity, the FaHeiler, or postilion, utters a little yelp, like the sharp cry of a marmot roused in his nest, on hearing which, every pha coin gives way, and the carriage rushes past without having pha coin slackened pha coin speed.

The carriages are in pha coin void of all taste, badly varnished, and pha coin cleaned. If pha coin from England, they do not long resist the wear and tear of we pavement of Petersburgh.

They only harness four horses pha coin for long pha coin. The child who guides the leaders, is, like the coachman, dressed in the Parisian robe called the armiac.

I do not know how to describe the gravity, the haughty silence, the address, and the imperturbable temerity of these pha coin Sclavo- nian pha coin. It is the nature of man pha coin experience satisfaction pha coin what he does is done well.

The Russian coachman and postilions, being the most skilful in the world, are perhaps content with their lot, however hard it may be in some respects. They remain in pha coin streets from morning till evening, at the door of the person who lets them out, or on the stands assigned by the police.

The horses eat always in harness, and the men always on their seat. I pity the former pha coin than the latter, for the Kussians have a taste for servitude. The coachmen live, however, in this manner only during the THE FELDJAQER.

In the winter, sheds are built in the midst of the most frequented squares, and near the theatres and the palaces, where fetes are most frequently giyen. It is necessary to visit pha coin city, in pha coin to learn the extent to which the rich man will carry his contempt for the life of the poor, and the slight value which life in pha coin has in the eyes of men condemned to live under absolutism.

In Russia, existence is painful pha coin every body.



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