Jesus Calling Morning and Evening, with Scripture References - Sarah Young

Jesus Calling Morning and Evening, with Scripture References

By Sarah Young

  • Release Date: 2015-10-06
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 4.5
From 439 Ratings


Meditate on the hope and peace of Jesus all throughout the day as you begin and end each day in the presence of the Savior who is always with you and loves you forever. Each morning entry is from Jesus Calling®, and each evening includes powerful and poignant excerpts from Sarah’s other bestselling books.

By spending time in the presence of the Savior all day in Jesus Calling Morning and Evening Devotional, you’ll find a yearlong guide with:
Comforting words of hope and encouragementReassurance of Jesus' unending love for youGentle direction based on ScriptureGuided thought for you to focus on just before you turn out the lightWritten-out Scripture verses to connect deeper with JesusReflection and meditation based on God’s WordEncouragement from the One who understands you perfectly and loves you forever
With 365 days of morning and evening devotions, this edition is sure to be a favorite in the popular Jesus Calling® line. This format offers men and women more opportunities to be aware of Jesus’ presence throughout the day. This edition is perfect for any stage of life and makes a wonderful gift for special occasions, birthdays, or for self-purchase.


  • Super

    By Kalanianeile Hwy !$
    Great am pm structure
  • Beautiful book! Highly recommended

    By chico0505
    Great book
  • Daily personal message fro m Jesus.

    By Purpleunicornnana
    I’ve read dozens of devotionals over the past 25 years or so. I love each one for a different reason. I love Jesus Calling, Morning & Evening because it is phenomenal how it reads as if Jesus is speaking to me Himself.
  • Unconditional Love

    By Angelnotes
    What the world needs now is love... This song has been around since I was a child. Seems to me the world always needs love. This book calls our hearts to be unconditionally loved and therefore helps me to make this unconditional love part of my world view. I pray it does the same for you!

    By Redgirl7
    I have read this book 4 times and gifted for more than 20 times. It is that good. Each time I’ve read it, whatever day I’m on the message seemed to fit my current situation. I gain a better understanding of God and His love for us. A GREAT BOOK!!!
  • Great book

    By Snipe 2311
    This book will help you learn and understand how to live and grow with God and Jesus.
  • Recommendation

    By Jennitavbaez
    Love the app and enjoy reading the book. My recommendation would be the verse or scriptures on the book would be a link you can click on so it takes you to the Bible app to read it.
  • Writing for Jesus in 1st person?

    By Jgod1591
    Jesus never speaks with less authority than he does in scripture. That being the case, isn’t it dangerous to write supposed “messages” from him as though they were direct communication? Isn’t that the same way scripture was written and then the cannon closed? The author deleted the original preface to the book which indicated her inspiration coming from a spiritual book written by 2 “listeners”, not Christian, receiving messages from god. In this book, she does the same but deleted this preface because of the questions it raises. In the end, if you want to hear God’s voice , read his word. If you want to hear it audibly, read it out loud. But young’s book is possibly dangerous and we should never supposed what Jesus is saying outside of Gods declared word. Hebrews 1, god speaks to us now though his son which was recorded. The cannon is closed for a reason people. I have suggested my wife stop using this devotion And would give the same counsel to others
  • To deepen your relationship with God..

    By Feed your spirit
    If you want to deepen your relationship to God and with God....start with this devotional. I have owned classic devotional so written by notable theologians and famous authors and I enjoyed them! I retired them for this devotional....gladly! This devotional is intuitive-prophetic-perpetual and personal... It is like the mercy of God ..."new every morning"
  • Extremely Helpful to the Believer on The Go

    By Vik4610
    I have allowed Sarah’s books to be my daily companion for two years now and just being able to be reminded of Jesus’s expectations, love and needs as well as my own to him, has helped me through some of the most troubling times of my life. This year I commit to re-reading this book with the Bible, because what it also taught me is there is no more important thing to do than to have the best relationship with God. Right now I feel exhausted from all of the chaos of 2017 and some of the financial and emotional ramifications that we are still dealing with. My fellow believers, let’s take Sarah’s example of devotion to God and her community; pray endlessly for strength, protection, connection, and peace from God to and for one another.