Hidden - W.J. May


By W.J. May

  • Release Date: 2020-07-02
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 3.5
From 151 Ratings


In a future where the sky is going dark, can two outcasts find the strength to make a difference?

The future is not a safe place. When Tay Maslov was a girl she lived in New York State, and her playground was the sun-drenched fields of her parents' farm. But all that changed the day the Servitors came, looking for new recruits for their master, the Archon Jeremiah of Brooklyn.

The vampires—or Elders—rule the cities now, and hardly any humans are left out in the wilderness. All the land is given over to the bizarre animal-like Shifters. The Elders run the Blood Banks, enforce Blood Donations, as well as the Blood Clubs and the culls of insurgents. When Tay Maslov, many years later and now a vampire herself, servant to her Archon Jeremiah, refuses to go after humans, she is cast down.

Forced to become a Feral, hated by all. It is in this state that she meets Kaiden, himself a creature of the night, but far different from her.

Who will survive what comes next?

NOTE: The Revamped Series is a 'revamp' of the original Bit-Lit series published several years ago. I was never genuinely happy with the set up and telling of the story so I decided to go through it again and make is better! I hope you enjoy this version.                WJM

Book 1 - Hidden

Book 2 - Banished

Book 3 - Converted