Aoi House Vol. 2 - Adam Arnold & Shiei

Aoi House Vol. 2

By Adam Arnold & Shiei

  • Release Date: 2011-04-03
  • Genre: Other


The dream of being surrounded by a harem full of beautiful ladies might seem like heaven for some, but for Alex, Sandy and their panty-loving pet hamster Echiboo living under the same roof with five yaoi-loving fangirls is anything but!

In the wake of last volume's arcade showdown for control of Aoi House, Alex finds himself in over his head as he's forced to endure an extremely awkward date of miniature gold with club founder and resident transvestite Carlo... and if things weren't crazy enough, the rest of the club is tasked by the mysterious "Oniisan" to spy on the strange proceedings!

Should the boys somehow manage to survive these latest ordeals with their dignity intact, they just might see to it that the girls finally get their comeuppance...or not?